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The Queen's Representatives in Canada

Since our Queen is monarch of 16 countries (“the Commonwealth Realms”) and cannot be in Canada all the time, 11 of our fellow Canadians represent her on a day-to-day basis: the Governor General and the 10 provincial Lieutenant Governors.

You can read more about these men and and women and their duties here, and Canada's Governor General here.

Royal Homecomings to Canada

Members of the Royal Family often come to Canada to help celebrate important occasions such as Canada Day, open a new building in a community, visit organizations or military units in which they have a special interest, and support charities and good causes to gain publicity and raise funds.

We call these tours “homecomings” because our Royal Family does not “visit” here a foreign country as, for instance, the monarch or president of a foreign country might do. Instead, they come home to one of The Queen’s realms – and feel very much at home here.

You might think of the difference between the formal occasion when a parent brings home “the boss” from her workplace’s head office, and the special warmth we all feel when a grandparent or family member working overseas returns to be with the family.

The Queen was last in Canada in 2010. The Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall came home to Canada in 2009, 2012 and 2014. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (William and Catharine) first came to Canada as a married couple in 2011.

For a complete list of royal homecomings, see here.

Have you seen a member of our Royal Family during a Canadian homecoming? If not, did you follow a Canadian Royal event on television or in the social media?

Prince Harry (Centre)

The Cost of the Monarchy

$1.55 per Canadian per Year

Media and other sources sometimes misinform the public about the cost of the Canadian Crown, suggesting that we send money to The Queen or pay for the running expenses of Royal Palaces. In fact, other than the small cost of official Royal Homecomings, the entire expense of the Canadian Crown is in support of the Canadian representatives of Her Majesty, the Governor General and the Lieutenant Governors, and the historic houses in which most of them live and work.

Below is the full PDF of the fifth study to be completed since the initiation of this project by the Monarchist League of Canada in 1999 on a much-misunderstood topic.

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